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`CIPP / ” Cured In Pipe Replacement”

Do You Have Cast Iron Pipes? Then sooner or later you may have a clog. A sewer line clog could lead to raw sewage backing up and out of the drains, which could lead to significant damage to your home. If you understand and respond to your plumbing system’s early warnings, you can prevent severe sewer and plumbing issues before they happen. This is the perfect time to look into CIPP, a service we offer to protect your pipes and your home. We begin by inspecting the pipes with a camera to find the source of the blockages and damage. We then determine what parts of the pipe system need to be replaced and then proceed to flush out and cleanse it before we begin the CIPP process.

The pipe size and location will determine what type of resin and material will be used. At that point an estimate will be given and the process explained and broken down step by step. We want you to be confident in this decision so we back our pipe replacements for 5 years.

The entire process takes 3 to 4 days. Prices start at around $80- $120 a linear foot. CIPP tends to have a 50 year life span on its own. We can also help you work with your insurance since its covered by most insurance companies. We offer trenchless sewerline and hydrojetting services to multiple areas across southern Florida including; Coral Gables, South Miami, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, Cutler Bay and more. Call to see if we service your area!