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Emergency Roof Repair

Preventing The Need For An Emergency Roof Repair

Have a local roofer perform an inspection on a yearly basis. Have the company come out during the spring when the weather permits. This way, any issues may be fixed immediately in the event of problems. They will look for storm damage, wind, hail or loose shingles and check out the durability of the flashings. In some cases they may have to repair roof decking if it is deteriorated. It's a good idea to have your contractor inspect your roof after particularly bad weather, especially for residents living in Central Florida where wind and storm conditions can get extreme. After a hailstorm or heavy rain, it might be necessary to fix and replace some parts of your roof. While assessing for storm damage, the roofing contractor may suggest to remove all the debris on the roof, especially around the roof gutters or drains. This could block the passage of water, causing advanced deterioration for the roofing material, regardless of what they are.

Read your warranty info and always be aware of the lifespan of the material and what signs indicate that they need repairing. For example, asphalt shingles need to be repaired if the colored mineral granules along the top start to disappear or the fiberglass mat becomes visible.

For tile roofs, look for cracked or broken tiles and fix as necessary, for metal roofs look for signs of rust. On flat roofs, look for water pooling which may require some type of low-sloped roof repair.

If inspecting yourself, make sure that the black felt underlayment remains unseen; otherwise, it may be necessary to hire a roofer to repair the damage.

Check to see if there are any trees growing nearby or even right over the roof. It's best if these trees are trimmed away from the roof. Leaves and other organic material can speed up the damage. In some cases, homeowners will find small plants growing along the gutters or other parts of the roof. Make sure to remove and clean this as soon as possible.

If a roof inspection is necessary, it's best to use a ladder and wear shoes with rubber soles. Staying on the roof actually damages it, causing further problems. Of course, there's also the safety concern and a chance of falling and injury. Our Orlando roof repair contractors have OSHA certified safety equipment for this type of work, which is why it's usually best to hire them when in doubt. Consider a professional.

Having a roofing company perform an inspection after the roof reaches 10 years is best. No matter how good and thorough an individual is, nothing beats the expertise of a professional. Make sure to call a qualified contractor in for the job and make roof leak repairs when necessary. This type of regular maintenance can actually save companies and homeowners a lot in overall expenses.

All homes and business require ongoing maintenance. Your roof is one of the primary protections against the elements so it pays to keep it in shape. Not only that but a proper roofing system will maintain or even increase the value of your home or business. Taking these precautions, you can prevent yourself from needing emergency roof repair.